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(Family Nymphalidae)
Brush-footed Butterflies  (*Contains 6,000+ species around the world !!)
   * Members of the Nymphalidae "Brush Footed" family (also known as Four Footed butterflies) use the brush like hairs on their pair of shorter front legs for smelling and
tasting food, and their two pairs of longer rear legs for propulsion. (This is the largest
of the six butterfly families.)
(Family Papilionidae)
Swallowtails (*Contains 600+ species around the world !!)
   Members of the Papilionidae family of butterflies, namely the Birdwing species, are some of the largest in the world.
   Many swallowtail species of butterflies take nectar from plants while fluttering
in front of them as hummingbirds do, rather than fully landing on them. (This allows them to take nectar with their proboscis while reducing potential damage to the plant they are feeding from.)
(Family Pieridae)
Whites & Sulphurs  (*Contains 1,000+ species around the world !!)
(Family Hesperlidae)
Skippers  (*Contains 3,000+ species around the world !!)
(Family Lycaenidae)
Gossamer-winged Butterflies (*Contains 5,000+ species around the world !!)
(Family Riodinidae)
Metalmarks (*Contains 1,000+ species around the world !!)
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