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Images contributed by U.K
photographer Steve Oddy.
Butterfly populations are a very good indicator of the health of an area's ecosystem !!
Also known as the Brown Pansy, the Brown Soldier, the Chocolate Argus, the Oriental Chocolate Pansy or the Chocolate Soldier.

   Chocolate Pansies are a species of butterfly found in Southeast AsiaIndonesia, and Australia.

   They are found in primary rainforests, spruce forests, gardens, along river banks and roadsides with an altitude of up to 1,200 m above sea level.

   They are typically found close to the ground, basking in the sun to regulate body temperature. 

   They are quite territorial in nature.

   Their eggs are often laid on the ground or on dry twigs near host plants rather than on them. Once hatched, the larvae find their way to the host plants.

   They have an orange brown dorsal wing with several brown stripes running from the front to back.

   On the hindwing there are a series of very small eyespots which are red brown in color, while the forewing’s are not conspicuous.

   The ventral side of the wings is dull brown with a dark stripe that extends from front to back.

   There is a large white spot next to the line of the ventral hindwing, and a series of yellow brown eyespots on each wing.

    Adult Junonia / Precis iphita have an estimated lifespan of approximately 14 days.  

Chocolate Pansy.png
Caterpillar diet: a variety of plants from the Acanthaceae family
Avg. wingspan: 5 – 6 cm / 2.0–2.4 " 
Family: Nymphalinae
Chocolate pansy caterpillar
Chocolate pansy caterpillar
The single biggest threat to butterfly survival is habitat destruction!!
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