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Butterfly populations are a very good indicator of the health of an area's ecosystem !!
Image contributed by U.K
photographer Steve Oddy.
   This butterfly is quite common in central and southern Europe, Asia Minor, Persia and Afghanistan, migrating northward in the summer.         In Central Asia, the Bath White ranges from BaluchistanPeshawarChitralKashmir and along the Himalayas right across the Central Himalayas up to Darjeeling.
   The butterfly appears to be extending its range westwards along the Himalayas.
   It is usually found on dry slopes and rough ground with very sparse vegetation.
    It is quite common in central and southern Europe, migrating northwards every summer, often reaching southern Scandinavia and sometimes southern England.
   The ventral hindwing of the Bath White has a pattern of green blotches, which are characteristic of Bath Whites and easily identifies them from other Pieridaes.
   Males are differentiated from females by the markings on the dorsal side of the forewing.
   The peak of the forewing is black with white spots and lines.
   There is also a black spot at the end of the cell.
   On females, there is also an additional discal spot.   
   The female also has an obscure row of terminal and marginal spots on the dorsal hindwing.
   They exhibit very quick, irregular flight.
Good - Bath White.png
Avg. wingspan: of 45 to 50 mm / 1.75 - 2"
 Family: Pieridae           
Bath White caterpillar
Bath White chrysalis
The single biggest threat to butterfly survival is habitat destruction!!
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