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   Butterfly Species Galleries would not be the the quality site that it is without the contributions of these remarkable photographers and people !!
(Click on species names to go to the corresponding pages.)
Chris Annear CrRzCrRz.jpg
Chris Annear - South Africa
_ALA4780 CrRz.jpg
Alan Baseley - United Kingdom
Ian Daley - Bendigo Region, Australia
Bil Edwards CrRz.jpg
Bill Edwards - Charente, France
Marbled Whites
Michael Godfrey Cr.jpg
Michael Godfrey - United Kingdom
Brown Peacock
Matt Grattin -  United Kingdom
dk-20210617-5386-david CrRz David Keast 2.jpg
David Keast - France
Hannu Kontkannen
Hannu Kontkanen - Finland
Debs Lovell CrRz.jpg
Deborah Lovell - United Kingdom
Clouded Yellows
Marbled Whites
Jen&Gma1 Cr.tif
Jenn Taggart - Pennsylvania, USA
6 Pamela Vinton 1280p (002) Cr Cr.jpg
Pamela Jean Vinton - United Kingdom
Mike Young - United Kingdom
Pedro Montes Campos - Mexico
Steve Otty - United Kingdom
Michael Smith - United Kingdom
Ian Wilson - United Kingdom
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