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Butterfly populations are a very good indicator of the health of an area's ecosystem !!
Image provided by Mexican 
photographer Pedro Montes Campos
         Apologies for the poor quality of this image !!
When it can be replaced by a better one, it will. - Glenn
   White Angled Sulphurs are very strong flyers and are often seen high over the canopy.
   They are found in South America, Central America, and southern North America.
   Their ventral side wings are very leaf like, while their dorsal sides are notable due to the small yellow spots they contain.
   They fly year round in the tropical parts of their range and from August to December in the north.
White Angled Sulphur.png
White-angled Sulphur caterpillar
White-angled Sulphur chrysalis
Diet: caterpillars feed on Senna spectabilis.
 Wingspan:  7.0–9.0 cm / 2.75 - 3.5"                  
Family: Pieridae
The single biggest threat to butterfly survival is habitat destruction!!
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