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If you love butterflies, and if you write poetry, send us a poem!!

      Into our lives butterflies fly, 

          Creatures of beauty and flight.

       They grace our lives

          With flutter and fancy,

       and soon disappear in the night.

           They leave us memories

       Of whimsy and wonder

            Of flowers taking to wing

       And then they're gone

           Far to soon

       For them, life is complete.



   I knew a man

        Many years ago

    An unhappy man at that;

        He had a good life

    Or so it seemed to me

        But to him

     It wasn't so much

        I lost track of this man

     For many years

        Life just carried on.

      And then I saw him

         Not too long ago

      Remembered him once again,

          And to my surprise

       And my chagrin

           He had changed his life.

       He had a smile.

            Enthusiasm too,

        His life appeared fulfilled.

        I hesitated to ask,

            Didn't know if I should

        What had changed for him,

            But he volunteered to me

        Before I could inquire

            That he had discovered his passion,

        Rather late in life,

              But discovered it he had,

        Whimsical, magical,  colorful too

               Among the wildflowers,

        Riding the breeze

                Colorful, gentle and magical

        The whimsy of the butterfly,

                 Had made his life complete.

        Now he revels

                 In the pastures and fields,

        Walking and hiking with his friends.

                 Seeing the gentle, beautiful butterflies

        Has given him life again.



    A butterfly and a wildflower met one day,
    . . . And soon were fast in love.
   They spent their time, 
   Short as it was, 
   In fields bathed in  summer light.
   The butterfly flitting, 
   The wildflower basking,
   Both happily in love in the sun.
   Then one day the sun went away, 
   The cold crept in,
   And the flower and the butterfly bid      goodbye,
   Each hoping they would,
   Yet knowing they wouldn't,
   Meet again in the spring!!


I'm a butterfly,
 . . . As you see.
Colors and patterns
   All over me.
I've four strong wings 
  that beat hard and fast,
And I've got 6 long legs,
    . . . And I use them all.
My mouth is my nose,
   And I taste with my feet
I love sipping nectar
   With a thing called a proboscis
   And I love even more
And I do it every day,
   Sitting on  flowers
Especially the pretty ones
   Stretching my wings 
Warming up in the sun.
   My wings that are clear
Underneath the scales
   And my eyes that have lenses
Six thousand of them
   I can't feel pain,
Or so they say
   But I can't say for sure
I don't know how it feels.
   I hope you like us
and what we do
   Because we don't live very long
And we want to please you.


I roamed the fields,
   I hiked the woods.
Even mountains did I climb
  To find the peace of long ago
That made me feel alive.
   Then one day
To my surprise,
   A moment did I feel
The peace, the calm of long ago.
   A butterfly had I seen.
There it was,
   As they had always been,
Going about their lives,
   Flittering peacefully from flower to flower, 
Basking in the warmth of the sun,
   Enjoying the nectar of their lives
Even though they might live,
   Only a few more days
This made their lives complete.
   Now when I'm out,
Living my life,
   If a butterfly do I see,
I take a moment, 
   Often much more,
To accept the gift they give,
   By being themselves,
By enjoying their lives,
   They bring great joy to me.


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